The Sondrestrom Research Facility hosts a wide range of optical and radiowave instruments operated for a variety of universities and government laboratories.

 Incoherent scatter radar
Allsky imager (intensified auroral)
Allsky imager (bare CCD airglow)
Simultaneous multispectral imager
Multichannel photometer
Imaging spectrograph
Fabry-Pèrot interferometer
Michelson interferometer
Meridian imaging spectrometer
Ozone spectrometer
UV spectrometer
Sun photometer
Three-axis magnetometer
Search coil magnetometer
HF imager
MF/HF receiver
Imaging riometer
Scintillation data receiving system
ELF/VLF receivers
Tomographic GPS
Solid earth GPS
Seismic detector
Particle sampler
Absolute gravimeter