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Simple Local Data Access

The simple local data access link allows users of Madrigal to print and download data local Madrigal data easily. In order to make it easy to use, a number of Madrigal's capabilities are not available, including the ability to choose which parameters to print, the ability to display derived parameters, and the ability to filter data. Also, this interface just allows you to browse the local data on this Madrigal server. Use the Browse for Individual Madrigal Experiments interface to search all Madrigal sites for data.

The first step in using the Simple local data access interface is to choose the instrument you want to see data or plots from. This page will list all the instruments for which there is data on the local Madrigal server. You simply click on the instrument you are interested in.

Simple UI - choose instruments page

In the frames below you'll see when there is data available for the instrument you selected. You'll choose the year, the month, and then the day.

Simple UI - choose dates page

For the given day, there may be one or more experiments and one or more associated files. You will need to choose if there are more than one. When a file is selected, there are five buttons to choose from:

  1. Download data
  2. Print data
  3. View info (show text info in file)
  4. Show plots (show plots associated with this experiment)
  5. More parameters (show full UI that allows parameter selection, filters, and derived parameters).

Some of these buttons may be disabled. For example, if there are no plots created for this experiment, Show plots will be disabled.

You can also register to receive email updates for this experiment or instrument here.

Simple UI - print data page

Download data lets you download the data file. The simple column delimited text format or HDF5 format are recommended.


Simple UI - print data page

Print data will print all the data in that file in your browser in a simple column delimited text format. All the parameter names are hyperlinks, so you can click on any name to see its full definition.


Simple UI - print data page

If you choose Show plots, you'll see links to plots created when the data was loaded into Madrigal.

Simple UI - plot data page

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