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Browsing for individual Madrigal experiments

The second choice from the access data page is Browse for individual Madrigal experiments. By selecting this option, you can use the full power of Madrigal to view individual Madrigal experiments. In this part of the web interface, you will be able to display both measured and derived parameters, as well as applying a wide variety of filters to the data. Unlike the other three choices, this selection allows you to search for data from all Madrigal sites, not just the local one.

The Madrigal experiment selector page is used to select a subset of all possible Madrigal experiments from all Madrigal sites at once.

On the left you can use the top selection to limit what type on instruments you want to select from. You can choose more than one type. The selection box below allows you to select which particular instruments you want The years for which data is available is shown next to each instrument..

You can also choose to search All Madrigal sites (the default), or just the local Madrigal site. The title will change from Madrigal global experiment selector to Madrigal local experiment selector. The available instrument types and instruments will also change.

By default, the date range is set to show all experiments. You can limit the date range if you wish. If you limit it so that no experiments are found, you will instead get a page cataloging all experiments from the instrument(s) you selected, so that you can adjust your date selection appropriately.

Browse for individual Madrigal experiments

As an example, let's say you wanted an experiment at Millstone Hill in March 2000. By selecting all the Millstone Hill IS Radar, and then setting the date filters for just March 2000, you'd get the following page, no matter which Madrigal database you were using.

Each of the four experiments found is described in one row. The Go link on the side will bring you to the experiment page on the correct Madrigal site. Madrigal experiment listing page


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