(2005/09/14 16:00 UT)
(09:00 PDT, 12:00 EDT)

Region AR10808
Now at Central Meridian

Produced Multiple
X-, M-, C-class Events
Sep 12 and 13

X1.5 Sep 13 at 1927 UT
X1.7 Sep 13 at 2322 UT

Halo CME:
Sep 13 (1712 km/s p.o.s)

Shock ETA:
22 UT Sep 14

<Dst> - 65 nT During Sep 12-13,
Current Dst -30 nT

AR10808 Remains a Very Large,
Complex Delta Region Still
Capable of X-class Activity

Current Vsw ~550 km/s,
Current n ~2 c.c.

Real-time Solar Activity

Real-time Shock Predictions
"The Shock Forecast is a multi-model solar wind prediction research
project in the University Partnering for Operational Support program at the
University of Alaska Fairbanks, NOAA/SEC, and Exploration Physics
International, Inc."
Ghee Fry, Charles Deehr and Murray Dryer

Real-time Solar Wind Monitoring

Real-time Progress of Solar-terrestrial Conditions

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The Data Transport Network  is funded under NSF Grant ATM-0113422