The Sondrestrom Research Facility is now closed and not collecting new data; however, all historical data is available and now being maintained by the AMISR facility. Please contact the AMISR team for assistance accessing and interpreting data.

Sondrestrom ceased operations in May 2018. The information on this website has not been updated since May 2018.

•  Ion & neutral thin layers
•  E-region electrodynamics
•  Noctilucent clouds
•  Multispectral imaging
•  Cross-scale MI coupling
•  F-region aurora
•  Ion upflow along the nightside polar cap boundary
•  Ionospheric signatures of magnetospheric boundaries
•  ISR studies of conductance
•  Auroral radio emissions
•  Sunlit auroral emissions optical measurements

Developed an event-driven radar operations protocol for CME events
Tests geoeffectiveness of solar storms
Study Ionosphere-Magnetosphere coupling
Analyze, display and archive radar data in real time for SPARC
Electronic workshop for solar-terrestrial data during storm events

Designated as a primary field site within the Network for Detection of Stratospheric Change (NDSC)
 Lidar instruments
 DMI instrumentation
DMI stratospheric ozone monitoring and Lidar polar stratospheric cloud observations
Lidar middle atmosphere temperature
Lidar noctilucent cloud detections
Greenland ice cap mass balance determined by GPS and gravity measurements

ISTP mission, radar operations and M-I science
FAST mission, radar operations and auroral science
TIMED mission, radar operations and lower ITM science
GEC mission, planning based on radar results of ionospheric electrodynamics
ESA CLUSTER mission, radar operations and cusp science
DMI / DSRI Oersted mission, radar operations and electrodynamics science
DMSP, radar operations for calibration and validation
GFZ CHAMP mission, radar operations and cusp science
IT solution to difficulties in retrieving, controlling and polling instruments at remote field sites - Sondrestrom facility testbed - because of low or unreliable Internet connections
Adaptable and scaleable IT architecture enabling more field sites and instruments
Broadened utility of transport system leading to new applications, such as web data mining for site’s space weather alert protocol