This project collects coarse and fine particles near ground level to acquire knowledge about the role of heavy metals, climate soiling, and bioaerosols. Long-term measurement of coarse particle concentration is needed to establish a database (preserving evidence) of the actual dust load, and to initiate countermeasures if the dust load demonstrably increases.

Increasing mobilization of coarse particles by wind erosion from already ice-free parts of Greenland is considered to drive the melting considerably, but the extent of this effect is still uncertain. Measurement of this particle fraction will provide an important input for estimating and modeling this effect. Monitoring and analysis of bioaerosols may help protect natural vegetation and future agriculture against such unwanted competitors.

Two active (quartz and glass filter) and one passive sampler are installed at the Digisonde hut in Kellyville. Another two passive samplers have been installed near the Riometer, up the road from Kellyville on the way toward the old power plant.

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