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HIgh-Latitude Ionosphere/Thermosphere ElectrodynamicS (HILITES) Campaign

New June 23, 1999
The HILITES Campaign proposal authored by Thayer, Larsen, and Kane is now available, as a pdf document, for comments and use by proposers.  Please inform thayer@sri.com of any suggestions you may have on the proposal content.

The HILITE campaign will study high-latitude electrodynamics through coordinated observations by ground-based instrumentation and sounding rockets near the town of Kangerlussuaq, Greenland (formerly Søndre Strømfjord). Rockets are not new to Kangerlussuaq as past NASA campaigns, such as the Cooperative Observations of Polar Electrodynamics (COPE) program in 1985 and 1987, have used a rocket facility just outside of town to carry out upper atmospheric studies . These were successful campaigns, see list of COPE publications, involving coordinated operations between the ground-based instrumentation at the Sondrestrom incoherent scatter facility and the rocket facility.

Discussions have begun concerning the possibility of carrying out a new rocket campaign in Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to study the complex processes at play in the high latitude E region.  To kickoff the initiative a two-hour workshop was held at the 1998 CEDAR meeting in Boulder Colorado on June 10. A description of the workshop and a list of participates can be found by following the link to the CEDAR HLE Workshop.

The project continues to move forward.  Since the CEDAR workshop a series of meetings on science and logistics have been held. The results of these meetings have been positive and informative.  A chronology of events summarizing these meetings , including the prepoposal meeting at SRI in December 1998 and a US research in Greenland meeting at the Danish Polar Center in Copenhagen on February 27, 1999, is given under the topical heading of How is the project progressing?

Key issues related to the HILITE campaign

Who to contact?
Why Greenland?
What is the scientific theme?
How is the project progressing?

Timeline        New Information April 20, 1999

                        Letter of Intent due  =>   May 7, 1999
                        Proposal due             =>   July  9, 1999

Who to contact?

Jeffrey P. Thayer Mailing Address
Senior Research Physicist SRI International
ph: 650-859-3557 
fax: 650-322-2318 
email: thayer@sri.com
website: isr.sri.com
333 Ravenswood Ave. 
MS G-275 
Menlo Park CA 94025

Why Greenland?

What is the Scientific Theme?

A central theme is important in establishing a focused campaign. The most common theme from the workshop addressed understanding the height-resolved electrodynamics at high latitudes involving measurements of neutral winds, conductivities, ion and neutral composition and temperature, currents, Joule heating rates ,etc... This theme relates directly to other initiatives within NSF and NASA such as the NSF CEDAR program, the NASA TIMED program, the planned NASA GED program, and the collaborative TIMED/CEDAR program , specifically the ion/neutral coupling subgroup.Although the proposed central theme provides focus, it does not exclude other possible experiments that may benefit by such an arrangement of rocket payloads, ground-based instrumentation, and satellite coverage nor the possiblity of revisions to the theme as discussions progress. Feedback on this theme or other possible experiments would be appreciated and can be conveyed through email to thayer@sri.com

High Latitude E region Processes (detailed descriptions of each topic are  provided through links)

How is the project progressing?

A Chronology of events

June 10, 1998         CEDAR HLE Workshop

September 14, 1998  Danish Meteorological Institute Meeting

Action Items
September 15, 1998  Danish Polar Center Meeting
Action Items
December 11, 1998 HILITE Pre-proposal Meeting on Friday December 11, 1998 at SRI
Meeting Location and Information
Meeting Agenda
Meeting Participants
Meeting Summary
February 27, 1999  Annual Operations Meeting for US Research in Greenland
Meeting Summary


Last updated, June 23, 1999