The Sondrestrom Research Facility is now closed and not collecting new data; however, all historical data is available and now being maintained by the AMISR facility. Please contact the AMISR team for assistance accessing and interpreting data.

Sondrestrom ceased operations in May 2018. The information on this website has not been updated since May 2018.

Real time data from instruments at Sondrestrom
ISR operations
Library of plots
Distributed Madrigal database



Elevation: 219 m
Geographic Latitude:
66° 59'12"(66.9873° N)

Geographic Longitude:
309° 03'02"(309.0552° E)

Geomagnetic Latitude:
72.35° Magnetic Declination: 321°
Magnetic Dip: 80.4°

The Sondrestrom Research Facility is operated by the Center for Geospace Studies at SRI International under the auspices of the National Science Foundation.