Conference Location & Accomodations
Asilomar Conference Center
Asilomar, meaning "refuge by the sea," is nestled along the shoreline of the Monterey Marine Sanctuary in Pacific Grove, California. An enchanting combination of forest and dunes, the grounds provide a tranquil setting that fosters creativity and inspiration – perfect for any number of events.

The center's 314 guest rooms are spread throughout the grounds, and are designed to be free from everyday interruptions, such as telephones and televisions. Data ports are available, however, for laptop computer connections.

In addition to guest accommodations, 20 private conference and meeting rooms and 20 breakout rooms are available. Ranging from the 650-seat Merrill Hall to intimate living rooms appropriate for groups of up to 10 individuals, Asilomar provides the flexibility to meet the needs of nearly any size group. Full audio-visual services are also available if required.


Conference Center Hotel
The Asilomar Conference Hotel is located on 105 acres of forest, dune and beach at the tip of California's historic Monterey Peninsula. Overlooking the Pacific, living and meeting accomodations are set among Monterey pines and cypresses. As a "Natural Area", Asilomar retains most of the original flora and fauna of the peninsula. Sea otters and seals swim off-shore. Deer and raccoons live on the grounds. The tide pools of the Asilomar State Beach are just a few minutes from the Conference Center.

Guests at the Hotel will find a heated swimming pool, horsehoe pits, volleyball courts, and an exercise trail. Barbeques prepared by Asilomar's cooks, or evening campfires, can be arranged in advance. The services of a State Park Ranger are available for slide talks and nature walks. Off the grounds, the area offers some of the world's best golf, sport fishing and boating. Horseback riding is available in the Del Monte Forest. Golf and tennis may be arranged trough Asilomar.

Note: Hotel fees include dinner, breakfast, and lunch the following day. There are no TVs or phones in the guestrooms, public phones are found on the grounds.

All questions regarding lodging should be addressed directly to the Asilomar Conference Grounds, Ph: (831) 372-8016. However, hotel registration information and registration forms will be available by July 15, 2000.

Other Accomodations (by alphabetical order)

  1. Andril's cottages, (831) 375-0994, 569 Asilomar Blv, Pacific Grove (PG)
  2. Beachcomber, (831) 373-4769, 1996 Sunset Dr., PG
  3. Bide-A-Wee, (831) 372-2330, 221 Asilomar Blv, PG
  4. Borg's motel, (831) 375-2406, 635 Lighthouse Av, PG
  5. Butterfly Grove Inn, (831) 373-4921, 1073 Lighthouse Av.,PG
  6. Lighthouse lodge and suites, (831) 372-0503, 1150 Lighthouse av, PG
  7. Lighthouse lodge and suites, (831) 655-2111, 1249 Lighthouse av, PG
  8. Centrella Inn, (831) 372-3372, 612 Central Av.
  9. Executive Lodge (Days Inn), (831) 373-8777, 660 Dennet, PG
  10. Gosby House Inn, (831) 375-1287, 643 Lighthouse Av., PG
  11. Larchwood Inn, (831) 373-1114, 740 Crocker Av., PG
  12. Olympia Motor Lodge, (831) 373-2777, 1140 Ligthhouse Av., PG
  13. Pacific Garden Inn, (831) 646-9414, 701 Asilomar Blv, PG
  14. Pacific Grove Motel, (831) 372-3218, Ligthhouse Av & Grove Acre, PG
  15. Pacific Grove Inn, (831) 375-2825, Forest & Pine Av., PG
  16. Quality Inn, (831) 646-8885, 1111 Ligthhouse Av., PG
  17. Sunset Motel, (831) 375-3936, 133 Asilomar Blv, PG
  18. Terrace Oaks Motel, (831) 373-4382, 1095 Ligthhouse Av., PG
  19. Wilkies Motel, (831) 372-5960, 1038 Ligthhouse Av., PG
  20. Rosedale Inn, (831) 655-1000, 775 Asilomar Blv, PG
  21. Seebreeze Motel, (831) 372-7775, 1100 Ligthouse Av., PG

Within walking distance: Hotels 2, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 20 are located within walking distance of the Conference Center