Last update 9 July 2008

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  General AMISR Science
  IS Theory and Measurable Parameters
  AMISR Data Reduction and Analysis
  AMISR Access: Scheduling, Experiments

The Second AMISR Science Planning Workshop was held June 20–21, 2008, at the Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah. The workshop was held in conjunction with the 2008 CEDAR/GEM meetings, also at Zermatt Resort.

The purpose of this AMISR workshop was to highlight results from the first year of operations at Poker Flat AMISR (PFISR), provide an incoherent scatter basics tutorial, explain user access to AMISR data, and discuss plans for future operations at the Resolute Bay AMISR (RISR).

This AMISR science planning workshop was the second in a series of workshops planned to explore the range of science objectives that can be achieved with this new NSF facility. The First AMISR Science Planning Workshop was held in 2006 (prior to the start of PFISR operations) at Asilomar Conference Grounds near Monterey, California. Information on the first meeting, and other AMISR news, can be found at



Elizabeth Kendall, SRI International
Anthea Coster, MIT Haystack Observatory
Phil Erickson, MIT Haystack Observatory


AMISR is a modular, mobile radar facility used by scientists and students from around the world to conduct studies of the upper atmosphere and to observe space weather events. SRI International, under a grant from the National Science Foundation, is leading a collaborative effort in the development of AMISR, whose novel modular configuration is designed to allow relative ease of relocation for studying upper atmospheric activity around the globe. For more information, visit