All-Sky Imager

The All-Sky Imager (ASI), based on similar telecentric cameras built by Bob Eather at KEO consultants Inc., employs a medium format 180° fisheye lens coupled to a set of five 3-inch narrowband interference filters. The current filter suite allows operation at the following wavelengths:

750.0 nm
  (N2 1PG)
557.7 nm
777.4 nm
630.0 nm
732/3 nm   (OII)

The filtered light is reimaged into the photocathode of a 25 mm microchannel plate image intensifier tube. Intensified images are then imaged onto the focal plane of a Peltier-cooled 2/3-inch format CCD.

Monochromatic images from the ASI are acquired at a specific filter, integration time, and intensifier gain setting as determined by a unique configuration file. Integrations as short as 0.5 sec can be commanded for exceptionally bright features.

Preview images are posted to the Web ( in near real-time, with final images posted weeks later. While images are continuously collected in a "patrol mode," users can request special collection sequences for targeted experiments.

All data collection and raw images requests should be directed to Elizabeth Kendall (