SRI Sondrestrom
Facility Contacts

Principal Investigator
Elizabeth Kendall
Phone: 650-859-4906
Fax: 650-322-2318

Co-Principal Investigator
Asti Bhatt
Phone: 650-859-3424
Fax: 650-322-2318

Sondrestrom Site Supervisor

Eggert Gudmundsson
Phone: 299-841260
Fax: 299-841120

Sondrestrom Engineering Supervisor

John Jørgensen

Project Secretary
Sandie Avlakeotes
Phone: 650-859-2437
Fax: 650-322-2318

Facility Contact

Program Director, Upper Atmospheric Facilities, NSF
John Meriwether
Phone: 703-306-1519

The National Science Foundation supports research, education, and infrastructure to advance the state of knowledge about Earth, including its atmosphere, continents, oceans, interior, and the processes that modify them as well as link them. Most NSF programs in the geosciences are funded through the Directorate for Geosciences.

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